Being Mindful About Work

Being Mindful About Work

So on Wednesday I noticed that I have been working very long days. And although I don't mind doing this, I am well aware that rest is also part of the productivity equation. This is what happened next:

That's right, I cleared my calendar (and Things todo list for that matter) for the entire entire weekend. No obligations whatsoever.

Knowing myself, I set some ground rules for the weekend.

  • No laptop
  • No iPad
  • Not checking email on my phone (I even went as far as removing my email apps from my iPhone)

There was only one slip up while I was reading the Financial Times Weekend. I saw an article that was relevant to something I had discussed with a client of mine, so I took a photo and added it to our Basecamp project.

Other than that, the weekend went great. And guess what? It's Monday morning now, I feel energized, went through my emails and there was nothing there that couldn't wait until Monday.

Who knows, maybe I'll do this again next weekend.

Blog post avatar Jasper
By Jasper Meurs
Last updated on
May 3, 2023
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