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Curious about the tools of the craft? As a real nerd I absolutely love trying out the latest tech. I literally do not know what most light switches in our apartment are for because the moment we moved in I switched everything to HomeKit compatible devices.

So let's dive in and see what tech and tools I love enough to write about them here.

My Favorite Tools

iPhone Pro

My phone of choice has been the iPhone ever since the iPhone 3GS came out. Right now I'm using the iPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple and I absolutely love the camera in this phone! I used to carry a DSLR with me whenever I went on trips in the past, but nowadays I'm just using my iPhone.

MacBook Pro

My current daily driver is a 2021 14" M1 Pro MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM. I absolutely love this MacBook, since I feel that 14" is the perfect balance between size and productivity on the go. Oh, and this thing is an absolute beast!

iPad Pro

My Ipad Pro is a 12.9" (3rd generation) with WiFi & Cellular (because I love to be able to just sit down somewhere and get straight to work). I did consider upgrading to the new M2 version, but after trying it out for a couple of days I felt it was not worth the upgrade right now.

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro v2 have quickly become one of my favorite pieces of tech. I used to travel with a Bose QC35 because of its superior noise-cancellation capabilities on airplanes, but I haven't travelled with them again since I discovered the first version of the AirPods Pro performed just as well. And the latest version of AirPods Pro that I am using right now perform even better. Best of all, they come in a way smaller form factor than my Bose QC35's.

Apple Watch

I've been wearing an Apple Watch ever since I got my very first one (officially called the Series 0) at Colette in Paris. Right now I am wearing the 45mm Series 8 in Stainless Steel and I still love it. I do prefer the stainless steel version over the aluminum version because I really love how the extra weight feels on my wrist. An added bonus: the sapphire glass on the stainless steel version is nearly impossible to break or scratch!

Shure MV7

After first using a Shure SM58 together with a Zoom H4n pro whenever I needed a podcast setup on the go, I recently discovered the Shure MV7 and it has been a game-changer for me. The quality of the audio comes very close to the setup with my Shure SM7B that I'm using at home. I highly recommend it to anyone who takes their audio quality seriously.

Synology DS720+

Synology has been my go-to brand for network storage for over 10 years now. The performance, UX/UI and reliability of these machines has just been amazing for as long as I've been using them.

My Favorite Apps


The Things app on iOS has been a staple in my productivity setup since May 11, 2011 (yes, I had to check my App Store purchases to look up this date). And for a good reason! I love the simple design of this app that feels very native to the Apple software environment.


Calendly makes scheduling just so much easier for me. What used to be a bunch of back-and-forth emails is usually handled with just a single email nowadays.

I do however try to not force the usage of Calendly upon people. Instead I use a more subtle "Let me know whenever works for you. Or you can check my availability and schedule something using this link."


I first discovered Basecamp about 10 years ago and I've tried many different project management tools since then. But right now I'm back with Basecamp, mainly because of their focus on conversation. I also love how they started doing regular feature releases nowadays!


Build by the same people that build Basecamp (37Signals), Hey is an email tool that's rewriting the rules of email. And I love it!


Since I travel quite often I'm always on the lookout for apps that can make my travel days a bit easier. And Flighty has been one of those apps for a year or so! This is the app that knows if your flight is delayed or will be early even before the flight attendants will know it.

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