Better Conversions with HubSpot Lead Scoring

Better Conversions with HubSpot Lead Scoring

When it comes to converting prospects into customers, it’s not always as easy as giving them what they want at a lower price, especially when it comes to B2B type services which aren’t always making decisions based on price. There’s a big component of timing, effort, contact, and other resources that play into acquiring a new customer, and those components have to do with keeping a careful watch on the leads you have, and their “level of readiness”, aka their score. Drawing from my experience as a certified HubSpot Consultant, I can only say that implementing a solid Lead Scoring strategy can be the Northern Star on your journey to engaging with prospects at just the right time to convert them to customers. 

So what is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is a system that ranks leads on a scale according to the criteria (sometimes called attributes and behaviors) your business and your sales teams require. They can be anything from engagement with marketing emails to number of voicemails left, to click-throughs on a downloadable asset. It acts as a map to guide you to the leads which are most likely to convert into customers so you can strike at the right moment. It’s also a solid mechanism and way of working which helps guarantee no qualified prospect slips through the cracks.

Combining HubSpot Lead Scoring with Content

Lead Scoring and content go hand in hand. By analyzing which content types resonate most with your high-scoring leads, you can create more of what they love. This fuels a positive cycle, where your high-quality content nurtures leads, boosts their scores, and nudges them closer to becoming loyal customers and ambassadors for your brand. It's the art of meeting leads where they are, and nurturing them with content tailored to their preferences. (especially when combined with the tactics from our HubSpot Flywheel piece.) Armed with a lead's score, you can tailor your communication to suit the stage your prospect is at in the buyer's journey. High-scoring leads might receive invitations to exclusive webinars or personalized product demos. This may even give you the chance to understand more about what solutions they’re currently using, pain points, their decision making power, and include information like certain job titles, if they originate from certain industries, or express certain budgetary abilities or inabilities. For leads with a lower score, nurture campaigns and getting started guides are always a good start to fuel the motivation. These seemingly small (but actually really big) insights can gently guide a prospect through the education and acquisition process.

How does HubSpot do Lead Scoring?

Well to be quite honest, HubSpot Lead Scoring is flexible and adaptable to be just about anything you need it to be. It assigns points to different user interactions based on what you think is significant in the buying journey. And if you know which points are the most important ones for your business, it’s really easy to set up and monitor the traditional way, or by using predictive lead scoring techniques. The traditional way follows a close line of consolidating, analyzing and prioritizing leads by sales people, managers, or team leads.  A more automated approach can rely on machine learning/AI, or even automations which notify the right team of certain score milestones. And in the end the higher the score, the more likely the lead is ready for a sales conversation. It’s a dream come true in some ways when it comes to streamlining your sales efforts ensuring you focus on leads that are genuinely interested.

Efficiency Boosts for Sale Success

In the realm of sales, efficiency is key. HubSpot Lead Scoring can boost your sales team's efforts by focusing them on leads with the highest scores, all with the help of automation and data points. Instead of spending time chasing leads who aren't quite ready, or even manually assigning tasks the traditional way, your team can invest their energy in the leads showing genuine interest. And while full automation and AI might not be for every organization from the start, in most cases it does provide the biggest boost in return.

Harnessing the Power of HubSpot Lead Scoring

While transitioning to a Lead Scoring strategy may sound intricate, the rewards are substantial. As I’d also mentioned before, if you know which touch points are the most important ones for your business, it’s really easy to set up and monitor. If you’re not sure which points work best for your business, that’s what I’m here to help with. 

You could try some picking, choosing, and testing your way through the system but to be honest, there are thousands of available data points within HubSpot, and that can quickly become overwhelming. But I’m happy to help! And I have the experience and the proven track record to guide you on your journey of business growth with the help of HubSpot Lead Scoring. Apply for a free assessment with me today and let's go a step further to enabling the untapped potential of your sales, marketing, and customer experience teams with better qualified leads!

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By Jasper Meurs
Last updated on
March 25, 2024
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