Example: What does a basic Inbound Marketing flow look like

Example: What does a basic Inbound Marketing flow look like

Welcome to the wonderful world of inbound marketing, a place where content reaches your audience at just the right time, every time, for all of your products. At least, in a perfect world it does anyway. My goal with inbound marketing, after working in this area for quite a few years now, is to ensure that customers find high-value, relevant content that fits their requirements, fixes or solves their needs, and nurtures them so they keep coming back for more. As a certified HubSpot Consultant, I advise my clients on how to make a strong inbound presentation to not only their intended market, but to their audience. While that may seem like a subtle difference, the end-results can be drastically different. Let’s take a look at an inbound marketing example with a few of the necessary components that go into a great inbound marketing recipe with Joe, a man on a mission to find good coffee. 

Attracting potential coffee enthusiasts

Joe steps into a cozy coffee shop that not only serves great-smelling coffee, but also offers a range of unique products and merchandise. He recalls how he first came across this place via Instagram photos, stories, and mesmerizing latte art reels. The shop's bio provided a direct link to their online store, where he could explore an array of coffee-related treasures. Joe appreciates the effort that goes into creating an online presence that resonates with his love for morning coffees and weekend brunches, so he decided to visit the shop in person!

That’s why as step number 1 it’s crucial to drive customers to your website or physical store through various channels with informative content like articles and guides that address their specific interest or pain points.

Offering value & engagement

So after getting his first in-person latte with the super cool latte art on top, snap he takes a photo and posts it to his own insta story: #yum. After sitting for a bit with his coffee, Joe discovers that the shop's website is more than just a clean, modern space, it’s actually a really valuable source of knowledge. This place focuses on quality, shares insights on ingredients, and boasts years of experience in the coffee industry. Their unique approach to coffee-making aligns perfectly with Joe's newly-budding passion for all things coffee.

In reality, the shop is using HubSpot's Inbound Flywheel Method to create content that speaks directly to Joe's coffee loving soul. Informative blog posts, engaging videos, and insightful eBooks make Joe feel like he's really stumbled onto something here for all his coffee-related inquiries. As we said before, having content is one thing, having engaging content is something else, and Joe is experiencing that first hand, so he signs up for their newsletter. 

Building a relationship

In the world of coffee, relationships matter just as much as the beans, flavors, and temperatures of our coveted beverages. To help keep this relationship fresh and dynamic, the coffee shop uses HubSpot's email marketing tools to send Joe personalized messages that cater to his unique coffee journey. They answer his questions, provide guidance on brewing techniques, and share their own coffee adventures.

Joe doesn't feel like just a customer; he feels like he's part of a coffee-loving community with insights to gain, brews to try, and coffee machines and presses to buy.

Showcasing products & services

At this point, Joe feels like he’s found his coffee paradise. He’s scrolling through their instagram, browsing the website, and absorbing the ambiance of the little shop. They don’t treat Joe like just another customer, they interact with him with a smile, and make him feel welcome, seen, and as though they understand every coffee lover’s unique preference and style.

When Joe is ready to take his coffee journey to the next level, the shop is there to guide him. He sees that they’re offering a unique and bespoke range of products and services in store and, blog posts presenting solutions to his coffee questions, in-person workshops on perfecting latte foam, behind-the-scenes videos of their coffee-making tools, and heartwarming stories about coffee bean growers and ethically sourced beans; it all helps reinforce Joe's decision and interest in interacting with them now, and in the future.

Personalized offers

Joe goes home and sips his lovingly made espresso. A few days later, he’s thinking about buying the same espresso beans from the shop to make at home, it was that good. After a few minutes on the website, he finds the blend but is a little bit hesitant to pull the trigger. It’s a bigger coffee purchase than usual and perhaps the magic of being in the store enhanced the flavor more than just some special filter.

But in this case, by using data insights, the shop can personalize their offerings to match Joe's coffee stage. Now that they know Joe has shown interest in a particular espresso blend but not lead to a purchase in a few days, they’re going to send him a 20% discount coupon for that blend of espresso, complete with information on its origin and brewing tips. Joe is impressed by the fact that an espresso blend he was curious to try a few days ago is now 20% cheaper than before! For a price-conscious consumer, he takes it as a sign from the universe, and selects buy now.

Converting Joe to a loyal customer

With every interaction, Joe's connection with the coffee shop deepens. From the reel interactions, to the email signups and used discount coupons, to the behind-the-scenes footage viewed and latte art class sign-ups, their lead management tools and occasional discounts gently nudge Joe towards a whole other level of interest. Whether he decides to sip his coffee on a quiet Sunday, or order up some beans and a coffee grinder online, this moment solidifies the beginning of a beautiful brand relationship.   

Expanding product options

From the moment of the first purchase in the shop, Joe's journey with his local coffee shop was just beginning. Thanks to HubSpot's Flywheel approach to inbound marketing and automation tools, the shop can keep Joe engaged. Joe's to-go coffee mornings eventually turn into weekend brunches with friends, a small yet endearing act for the business who now sees exponential foot traffic.

The last-minute birthday gift of a travel mug, and maybe a few quirky t-shirt and hoodie orders for Joe’s coffee-loving circle. The shop keeps Joe coming back with enticing product options and combinations that he can't resist. Casually reminding Joe that there are many more product options and combinations available for him to enjoy, experience, and savor keeps him engaged with his local coffee shop and keeps him coming back.

Referral & loyalty programs

The shop's loyalty and referral programs are the icing on the proverbial coffee cake for Joe. The feeling they give him and the enthusiasm he has for such a relatable, caring, honest, and helpful brand push him to encourage others to try this place out! Joe's love for the coffee shop leads him to share the joy with friends acting as an unofficial brand ambassador; the best kind your organization can have. In this case, you’re not pushing the products and services yourself, Joe is doing it for you. The shop's referral program in turn rewards Joe with every purchase, and even an extra bonus if he gets his friends to sign up too! Providing such a positive experience to Joe and his new coffee loving inductees further cements Joe's loyalty to the brand, the company, and the mission. And with every 5 new enthusiastic sign-ups, Joe gets a free bag of his favorite espresso blend! And so do his friends, and so do their friends, and the process continues on and on and on and…

In the end, the shop's inbound marketing approach creates a world where every moment is a catered and curated experience. And for every coffee lover like Joe, it becomes a part of their ever-growing love for coffee, and of course, an increase in sales, revenue, and potential for our local little shop. So grab your cup of Joe, and start your adventure today by applying for a free HubSpot Assessment call, your certified HubSpot Consultant. Together, we'll brew up a fresh pot of growth and excitement for your brand.

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By Jasper Meurs
Last updated on
October 19, 2023
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