My Goals for 2023

My Goals for 2023

Although I do not really believe in the concept of New Year's Resolutions (I do firmly believe that every day is a good day to start a new resolution), I do have some goals for the new year.

For 2022 I publicly posted my goals on Twitter for the first time. And although 2022 was a great success, I was not able to achieve all of my goals...

Let's do a quick recap of these goals:

📺 Publish 50 YouTube videos: Collosal failure, I published 17 videos on my YouTube channel (excluding Shorts)

🎯 Focus on a niche I am passionate about: This one is a bit more difficult to meassure. I did however focus more on HubSpot content in the past year, so that might count.

📫 Launch my newsletter: I did launch my newsletter... and put it on hold again. Before re-launching this one I will need a better plan to grow my subscriber base. (Please subscribe!)

✈️ Move out of my hometown: This also did not really happen, although I did spent another month in Portugal this year and I also spent a lot of time in New England where my girlfriend lives.

💻 Create my first digital product: I did not launch my first digital product yet, but this goal will definitely be transferred to 2023! Hopefully a new weekly mastermind with my friend Nick Notas will help.

⛵️ Getting my full captain's license: This did not happen and will also be transfered to 2023 instead.

Over time I've also learned that implementing habits has a higher chance of success than big yearly goals. For example, instead of saying I want to publish 25 YouTube videos in 2023 it's better to say that I want to publish at least one new Youtube video every two weeks.

My goals for 2023

  • Share stories directly from my life and business, at least once a week. These stories will be shared on this blog, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Work on my first digital product at least once a week with the goal of launching it by September.
  • Study for my full captain's license at least once a week with the goal of getting it by the summer.
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By Jasper Meurs
May 3, 2023
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