My Review of CitizenM Bowery New York City

My Review of CitizenM Bowery New York City

I love spending time in New York City every now and then. There are so many reasons to visit New York City, like the world’s best bagels, a night at the Opera, probably the best sushi in the world after Japan and more amazing restaurants than you would be able to visit in a lifetime!

But that’s not the subject of this article, you can always read my tips for NYC if that’s what you’re looking for. In this article I want to talk about one of my favorite places to stay in New York City, CitizenM Bowery!

Why I like to stay at CitizenM Bowery

In short, CitizenM Bowery provides everything I am looking for in a hotel while still being economically priced. (As far as hotel rates in NYC go)

What can you expect as far as your room goes?

  • An amazing full king size bed
  • A decently sized shower with good water pressure (you’d be surprised how important this is, especially in NYC)
  • Free fast WiFi that actually works
  • A large flatscreen TV that you can connect to your smartphone
  • Mood lights throughout the room
  • Everything in the room, like the mood lights and window screen, is controlled with your smartphone or the iPad that you’ll find in your room
  • Amazing views of the city skyline
The view from your room at CitizenM Bowery

For the hotel in general you can expect the following:

  • Great social spaces with a modern design and contemporary art
  • Delicious espresso and espresso based drinks
  • Nice breakfast (although I prefer to go out and grab a bagel at Russ & Daughters a short walk away) - Or get free breakfast at CitizenM during your next stay!
  • An amazing rooftop bar with stunning views of the New York City skyline
  • Hassle free check-in (you can even check-in on your phone on your way to the hotel!)
  • Hassle free check-out - Just open the CitizenM app on your way out of your room, hit check-out and you’re on your way!
CitizenM downstairs living room

CitizenM Bowery Location

Last but not least, I really love the location! CitizenM has another hotel near Times Square, but I would highly recommend the Bowery location instead. It’s a short walk away from SOHO (great for shopping) and Little Italy (great for dining, duh!). And if you want to venture out a bit further, there’s a subway stop right around the corner.

Are there downsides?

Although the rooms are on the smaller side, for my travels I don’t really see any downsides in staying at CitizenM Bowery. Especially since they’re doing a great job at everything that’s important to me, like I listed above.

There are however a couple of reasons why you might prefer a different hotel:

  • If you want to stay in the same room with a friend or family member and don’t want to share a bed, CitizenM is not for you.
  • If you are staying in New York City for an extended amount of time (one week or longer) and you are not traveling light, you might have a difficult time storing your luggage in a convenient way. Like when I’m traveling with my girlfriend and we have a check-in bag and carry-on each.

Get free breakfast at CitizenM during your next stay

You know what else is cool? If you book your next stay using this link, we both get FREE BREAKFAST during our next stay at CitizenM!

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By Jasper Meurs
Last updated on
November 1, 2023
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