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Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It In 2022? - My Super Simple Strategy That Still Works

Jasper Meurs
Hosted by Jasper Meurs on May 26, 2022

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As an experienced marketer I often get the question "Are Facebook Ads still worth it?". Especially with all the focus on privacy these days, like the iOS 14.5 update. And my answer is a loud and clear: YES! You just need to know how to approach your campaigns in a way that they keep performing well. In this episode I'll share my super simple Facebook Ads strategy that still works in 2022!


My name is Jasper. I'm an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and technology addict. In this podcast, I talk about the things I'm learning both professionally and personally, and I'll also occasionally talk about the tech I'm using and how I'm using it.

Facebook ads in 2022, a lot has changed and quite often clients are asking me, "Is it still worth doing Facebook ads in 2022?" And, obviously, Facebook ads includes both placements on Facebook and Instagram, just to be clear. And my answer is always, "Yes, it's still totally worth it."

In this video, I will explain to you my super simple Facebook ad strategy that I've been using for years, and that still works today. Even with the limited tracking. The power of the funnel that we're using for this strategy mainly relies on the data from Facebook itself. And this is why it's minimally impacted by the recent changes, for example, iOS 14.5 and why is still working today. So let's dive right in.

I'll show the funnel quickly on the screen here. And it basically consists out of three different steps. The first one at the top of the funnel is we are going to create a video campaign and we are targeting this to our broader audience. Sometimes, depending on your products, you can even target this at anyone in the geographical area that you are targeting.

The goal of this video campaign is we want people to watch the video as long as possible. It's mainly a branding campaign and our goal is we want to know if the people who see this video are actually interested in our product or in our service that we are showing in the video. Then we will use this data in our next step, which is the second layer of our funnel, the middle parts. And for this campaign, we will do a traffic campaign and we will target it to the people who watched 75% of the video in our first campaign.

So if people watch this video 75%, and let's say the video is 30 seconds, maybe even a minute, this shows me that people are actually interested in what they saw in the video. And this means that they can go further in the funnel and that maybe I might be able to convince them to actually buy our product or service. So this app will go to a landing page, in the case for e-commerce, for example, it will go to a collection page, or it will go to specific product page. And the goal here is to try to inform people more about the product itself, the pricing, if it's the right fit for them, and maybe even already buy it.

Then if we want to make this audience a little bit broader, we can also create a lookalike audience of the people who watch the video 75%. So this means that we will reach more people. I do recommend putting this in a different ad set so we can measure how this audience is performing against our specific audience that actually watched the video.

Another trick that we can do is also create that look-alike audience and add those to the top of the funnel again. So create a duplicate of your first campaign or create an extra asset there and add the audience, the look-alike audience, do that one. So it goes into a separate funnel altogether. But you can experiment a little bit to the test and see what happens.

And then for the last part of our funnel, the bottom part, it's for all those people that clicked on the ads for the second campaign but didn't really convert. Now, this campaign might be slightly impacted by recent privacy changes like an iOS 14.5, but the campaign should still work pretty well. For this ad, we are usually showing referrals, and reviews from other people, maybe we are working with some influencers who can talk about our products. That's also a perfect ad for that campaign as well.

We are trying to convince people while they are still thinking about buying our product. They're obviously somewhat interested, but they're just not quite there yet. If you really want to, you can also give them a discount at this stage, which also might work for some products, but you can get creative here. This is basically the most relevant audience that you have at the bottom of the funnel. So you can see how you can still convince these people.

These three steps, so first the video, then the traffic campaign targeted to people who watched the video, and then the remarketing campaign for the people who visited the website, but didn't buy anything. This is a pretty simple funnel. It's a funnel that worked for me, both in B2B and B2C. It's one that works great for eCommerce. And it's one that I've been using for years and still works today in 2022.

So if you're doing Facebook campaigns, try this funnel, let me know how it works in the comments below, and hopefully, it'll help you get better conversions and get a better return on that spend for your Facebook campaigns as well.

That's it for this week's episode. If you like, what you heard, please leave a review. For more interesting content, make sure to follow me on YouTube and Instagram and make sure you're having a great day.

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