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How Belmond Inspires Future Guests Through Great Instagram Posts

Jasper Meurs
Hosted by Jasper Meurs on Jul 20, 2023

Show notes

Belmond is a Luxury Hotel Chain that I think does a great job at their marketing. More specifically one of my core believes in marketing: Don't Sell.

Most of the time people aren't looking to be sold at the moment when you reached them with your marketing message. So the best thing to do is to inspire them instead of selling to them.

Belmond is especially great at this when you look at their Instagram accounts. The work with a variety of influencers that have an overlapping audience with their own, resulting in the most amazing Instagram photos of their locations.

In this episode I will look at Belmond's Instagram, Email Marketing, Social Ads and Website while analyzing how they are doing things differently and what we can learn form this. Asking myself questions like:

  • How are they using each marketing channel?
  • What are they doing different than most brands?
  • Are there things they could improve?

At the end of this episode I'll also sum up the different learnings and link them to tips that you can use for your business.

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