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How to create a marketing funnel for a financial B2B SAAS solution using HubSpot

Jasper Meurs
Hosted by Jasper Meurs on Jul 07, 2022

Show notes

This episode comes with a FREE webinar checklist I have handcrafted based on everything I learned running webinars and attracting high-quality leads in the process. Click here to get your free webinar checklist!

Webinars are a pretty good way to get high-quality leads for your business. Yet not a lot of companies are getting the most out of this, or are even using this. So I want to talk about an example case study.

Over the span of about a year we designed and launched a new website using Webflow, implemented HubSpot, started building the foundation for marketing automation, successfully launched a new product (doubling the number of signups we set as a goal for the launch event) and built a lead generation funnel bringing in more than 677 high-quality leads over this period.

In this episode I want to take a deep dive into this last part, the lead generation funnel we built.


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