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I ensure business growth from an experienced and unique perspective on marketing and technology

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Strategic growth planning
Increased and evolving lead generation
Enhanced conversion rates
Multi-channel revenue increases
Funnel optimizations
Cost reductions
Targeted satisfaction surveys
Improved user experiences

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Website Optimization

Creating a website can be quite tricky. Achieving the technical optimizations to be easily found through Google is just the beginning. It’s also important to ensure that customer needs are addressed in a clear, concise way that add value and address pain points.

To make everything appealing to the eye, I draw from a personally curated network of industry specialists ranging from user experience design to checkout optimization to perfect  your website or Shopify store.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy needs to connect holistically with the overall marketing plan. The result is more online attention for your company or brand, and increased revenue. I have developed marketing strategies for a wide range of industries resulting in increased leads and sales for top corporations around the globe.

Whether the focus is more leads, better leads, or higher customer retention rates for increased customer lifetime value. I will develop and define the perfect marketing strategy to achieve greatness even beyond your current goals.

Content Marketing

Highlighting and instilling value to your target audience is one of the most important things to consider in a modern strategic marketing approach.. One of the best ways to do this is to engage with your audience through content marketing. Although it requires a shift in traditional thinking, the payoff in the long term of valuable content marketing is unparalleled.

I lead businesses and brands to define buyer personas and the content needed in each segment to succeed. The result is  sustainable long term growth that helps develop legacy, and define a future.


When your entire marketing strategy is on point, the entire world needs to know about it. And I make that happen.  A strategic approach to advertising in all its forms ensures the right message reaches the right people. A wholesome approach to multi-channel advertising and optimization guarantees the highest ROAS (return on ad spend) to your target customers, when and where they spend their time.

After more than a decade living and breathing the ins and outs of the online marketing and advertising landscape, I know what lies ahead like no other. Partnering with leading global organizations and delivering returns of 10x or more on their advertising efforts. With experience ranging from CPG to high-tech big ticket products and services, there is no advertising challenge I can’t handle. [the range of possibilities for what we can achieve are limitless]

My success stories 🎉

Measurable results through a data driven approach

From 2 to 60 leads a month!
International B2B Strategy

What started out as a university spin-off niche within a niche tech company, tacitly turned into a globetrotting enterprise with the help of strategic SEO and a complete website overhaul.

I could see from the beginning that the groundwork for an amazing product had already been laid; it was time the rest of the world saw it too. After all, no company can survive on 2 leads a month.

But finding a market space for nano-precision-stage-accuracy devices in itself nearly describes the size of the market. A tiny segment within an already niche market.

When I first began, they’d run few marketing campaigns on their own with limited success; it was just too daunting a task to set up all on their own. But to me, the solution was clear.

After a complete overhaul of the website and some well developed SEO, the new-and-improved sales funnel expanded to over 60 unique leads a month. At this point, the benefits of a multi-channel marketing approach were becoming clearer and clearer.

A slow burning SEO strategy, combined with an enhanced website to showcase their product and experience to the world made it all possible. So much so that names like Facebook and Google are among their customers. Others in the field of satellite building technology to medical grade technology suppliers rely on their nano-precision devices every day to quite literally, make the world go ‘round.

To say that my client is happy would be an understatement, but to measure that impact on the world we live in today would land squarely on just about everyone one of us around the globe.

From 500% to 7,600% Return On Ad Spend!
E-commerce strategy

This wasn’t exactly the first time I’d been asked to help a fitness brand improve their form. But something about this one was different. They’d just acquired an e-commerce business in France, and were looking for more. The store was doing well for the most part, managing 100k Euro in revenue a year, but there’s always room for improvement.

I’d suggested more targeted ad spend into the Dutch market in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the German market in Germany. Being a fitness brand in the times of 2020 may have had something to do with it, but the bigger proving ground was making sure that every cent we spent on advertising was doing something good for the brand, and competing with big brands like Amazon for all the one-stop-shop you can imagine wasn’t easy.

At that point it seemed logical to also expand into the larger English speaking markets throughout Europe, targeting big cities like Berlin and Barcelona for some extra traction. With a little help from the holiday season and some serious market targeting and insight, year end figures for all 3 store markets were totalling 1.4 million Euro in revenue.

Not only was it an exciting time for the industry, but the german store alone showed a 250k Euro revenue calculation for the month of December. That puts the return on ad spend (ROAS) at over 7,600%.

To put it into perspective, the overall goal was 500% ROAS to turn a profit. At nearly 15x more ROAS than needed to make it fiscally viable for my client, it’s safe to say that the strategy worked.

Preventing market loss to competitors like Amazon and posting gains with such a high ROAS is relatively simple math that makes for one happy customer.

300% improvement for the Return On Ad Spend!
Ad optimization

A local Belgian wine retailer was looking for a change when they’d decided to part ways with their existing ad agency. They’d already had a brick-and-mortar presence and it was mostly doing well, but they were hoping to increase their online traffic too. There just didn’t seem to be as much pop and fizzle in their corks as before.

I was able to tap into an existing market and customer base, but they needed to be reminded why there’s always a reason to celebrate, and buy more wine. By adjusting the existing ad spend and ad spend budget of the retailer to a more strategic and fine-tuned international market, the happy sound of popping corks had returned yet again.

The enhanced market strategy and targeted ads had an extremely positive impact on revenue. What started off as a 1 Million yearly revenue target was doubled to just over 2.5M, from their online web sales alone. And not just the sales numbers saw some positivity, the year over year ROAS was nearly 300% higher than before.

Combine this with the additional revenues gained from their brick-and-mortar store and the possibilities surely seem endless. A diverse offering of online and in-person products helps each one feed the other and improve their ROAS even more.

So what’s my secret sauce? 🤭

I love data. That means everything I do is backed by data, measured by data, and explained through data. My passion lies in understanding your goals, who your customers are, and what they expect from you. This creates a strong foundation to build upon.

Combined with data is design; a crucial aesthetic molded by designers who are purveyors of beauty. Sadly, beauty alone doesn't sell, not without the science of persuasion.

What do I do that’s different? I eliminate guesswork. I have a strong analytical mindset and a highly-tuned sense of consumer and market demand. This means no wasted time, money, or opportunities. And no headaches.


Step by step process
My unique approach to enhancing your business

1. Detailed discovery call

1-hour session to understand your goals

2. Technical & Visual Audit

Establish your current website position with the help of precise analytics tools and industry know-how

3. Customer research

Better understand the customers that interact with your space

4. Interview internal stakeholders

Understand internal sales, support, and marketing colleagues’ perspectives, goals, and visions

5. Strategic website analysis

Heat and click map analysis, ad analysis, and site usage recording sessions with customers

6. Competitor analysis

Establish an intricate understanding of the market space and identify other key players

7. Action Plan

Develop a clear plan forward based on metric findings and personal recommendations

8. Six week check-in cycles

A chance to evaluate data and realign our focus based on marketing results and data points

9. Crystal clear reporting dashboards

All the tools you need for continued success in one, easy-to-read place for peace of mind

A few of my qualifications

Certified Shopify consultant

More about me personally

I grew up in a small town in Belgium, with a constant yearning to learn, grow, and travel the world. Taking on the digital nomad lifestyle has led me to more experiences and opportunities than I ever thought imaginable.
When I’m not in work mode, I spend time learning, growing, and exploring the world around me. Travel, sports and fitness, and experimentation often come together in my daily personal life. A welcome departure from the strictly-defined structure of marketing and B2B lead generation.

Whenever I can, I visit friends in San Francisco to hike the Bay Area (though I’ll be hard pressed to give up my favorite secret spot) or snowboard and ski in Switzerland. I’ve seen Asia through the lens of Hong Kong, mainland China in Shenzhen, and Singapore, and have recently taken a keen interest in sailing; the next step is my full captains license. Combine all of these experiences with my love of photography and videography and you can expect some pretty cool sailing in the mediterranean shots from my Sony A7. 

But more than the things I do or have done, I’m a person. I have a deep sense of empathy and I enjoy connecting with people; that’s why I do what I do. I’m also a guest lecturer in B2B marketing and Digital Marketing at my alma mater PXL University College. I thrive on the balance of giving back to those around me, just as much as I enjoy touring the wines of Saint-Émilion. 

To find out more about me and where I am or what I’m up to next, feel free to follow me on social media!

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